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How did the pilot go?

It was crazygood!

In the first two weeks we displaced 1500 cups! If we use that as a benchmark, collectively we have already displaced more than 5000!!!

In November/December 2018, we piloted the Again Again system in 14 high profile cafes in central Wellington, Newtown and Lyall Bay. On average, half of the pilot cafes hit the magic uptake metric of one-in-five customers choosing to use Again Again cups in the first week of our pilot. It’s at that point that the scheme becomes affordable for cafes. At the upper end, within one week, one cafe averaged over 80% of customers converting each day. The offset value of this - in single use cups that your cafe will no longer need to purchase - has the potential to make the Again Again system considerably cheaper for cafes than purchasing disposable cups.

And people love it!

The unsolicited instagram-stories flying around show how ready our community is for a solution that works at scale, and how passionately they have embraced it. Several of our pilot cafes have reported that brand new customers have actively come to seek out the Again Again system at their cafe.

But we still need data…

Please will you complete five weeks worth of data so that we can use this info for our forecasting.


How it works now…

(*How it works from the customer’s perspective…)

We like to call it Cup as a Service (CaaS). We loan you as many cups as you need to have them on hand to offer your customers the opportunity to #choosetoreuse.

To keep everyone honest, there is a bond for the cups and lids. We will charge the cafe a bond and when a customer uses a cup, the cafe will on-charge them for that bond. The customer is now bonded to Again Again, (not you, the cafe), and on balance it has cost your cafe nothing - your cafe has paid the $3 bond to Again Again and received $3 back from the customer. Bond charges are not a sale. They don’t incur GST.

Whenever you need more cups and lids, or if they are building up and you need us to take them away (and pay you back for the corresponding bond) we will do just that. We will also take all the risk on the lost cups, and will take back all cups and lids to bring their end-of-usable-life journey to a responsible end.

We charge partner cafes a monthly CaaS fee. There is a tiered subscription structure that scales with the volume of takeaway coffees that your cafe serves. If 20% of your customers use the system, the cost of this fee is likely to be less than you are currently paying for the single use cups that you would otherwise be purchasing.

View the Vendor Terms of Trade here.

View the monthly subscription plans here.

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Again Again Serviced Regions

2019: We are now taking registrations in the central Wellington and Petone regions. Pilot cafes have priority over new ones. We have about 150 cafes who have expressed their interest.

We will be piloting in central Auckland in February 2019 and expect to be taking registrations for cafes in central Auckland, and the North Shore from March 2019. We expect further New Zealand expansion to be rapid throughout 2019.