Vendor Onboarding


Thanks for subscribing to the Again Again Cup lending system for zero-waste takeaway coffee.

We are super excited that you have joined the reuse revolution with us. It’s great to have you in the team!


Now that you have subscribed, we need to get your cafe(s) set up for action. Further to the company details you’ve provided us, we need a bit more info about the cafes themselves to ensure you get the best service we can offer.

(If you are updating your account only you can skip this step and go immediately to the vendor area).

Otherwise, this will take a 3-4 minutes per cafe, and you will need the following:

  • Your Certificate of Registration number from your council, that authorises you to sell food/drinks and to wash and render food service items as hygienic.

  • A POS report to show the total takeaway serves your cafe makes in a week or day. If you don’t have this, you will need your best estimate.

  • A 3*2 image of your cafe (landscape or portrait representing your cafe. This is optional, but if you do provide it we will advertise your inclusion through our social channels. (Minimum size, 1200px*800px)