Pricing & plans

Costs breakdown:

You will need to set your cafe up for action and let people know that you are in the Again Again network. The paper sleeves are a requirement to enable safe handling of hot cups. Again, should you need more these must be purchased by the carton of 1000.

Pay ahead for the two months trial at 50% of the ongoing network monthly fee.

Initial fleet

‘Fleet’ is the name give to the cups and lids, collectively, that you will borrow from us and that your customers will borrow from you. At all times (during trial and beyond), the value of the fleet is completely recoverable - either from your customers when they loan fleet, or from Again Again if you are to return it to us. A modest fleet will be provided without the upfront cost in order to help cafes trial the system and assess its worth - both in regards to environmental impact and cost benefits. If your customer uptake is great, you may need to borrow more fleet, and like top-ups at any stage, this is on tap in units of 25 for $3 (incl gst) per fleet unit (a cup and a lid).

Again Again will delay invoicing for the initial fleet that your cafe will require. Starter fleet will be sent in the most appropriate quantity of either:

  • 25 regular cups (230ml) and 25 large cups (350ml), or

  • 50 regular cups (230ml) and 50 large cups (350ml).

At the end of the trial period we hope you will want to carry on with us, and at that stage you will be invoiced at $3 per cup (incl gst). You will have already recovered much of this from customers to whom you have on-loaned the cups.

Fleet is given on delayed payment terms only if a direct debit mandate is established in advance.

Registration or Pre-registration?

We are now taking registrations for the whole of New Zealand.

If your business is in Auckland, Wellington or the Southern Lakes (for October), registration is open and unrestricted.

In all other areas, we welcome your pre-registration and commitment, but in order for Again Again to manage risk, and to set up new areas for successful community behaviour change, we maintain that we need a cohort of cafes working together. In this case, we will ask you to confirm your registration and commitment by making a $100 deposit. By showing this commitment, you will bump your region up the queue! Once there is a critical mass of cafes in your region who are all committed, we will look to bring you all on board at once. Only then will the balance of the starter kit fee be payable.

If you are not ready to commit and want some more information, please submit an Expression of Interest.

Before you get started, please ensure you have your Registration of Premises Certification Number, and a measure of the coffee throughput of your cafe/s.