Plans - Post pilot

As one of our pilot cafes, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts - you have been a part of changing this industry and getting this mad idea off the ground. We collectively rock!

We really, really want you to continue using the Again Again system, but we can’t go on giving it away. The time has come to turn this into a business. We have set the fees such that it works out to be cost comparable to the savings you will make from the single use cups that you won’t have to purchase if you have converted about 20% or more of your customers to the system. Many of the pilot cafes achieved this right from the outset in the pilot.

In regards the fleet that you have been using, you received invoices appropriate to all deliveries as we have gone along. If your fleet has diminished (most have) you will therefore have received the bond payment back from your customers, and we need to settle this too. If you don’t wish to continue with us, you can return the fleet you have left over and we will offset a credit against these invoices, as per the MOU that you all signed initially.

I’m happy to talk to you all directly about this of course, and would still like to pick your brains about how things went in the pilot for your cafe in general.

If you are ready to go ahead, you can sign up your first cafe below, and if you have multiple to sign up, I can add these to your subscription from the back end.

**cost comparisons are based on your current disposable cup & lid costing 20c per serve.
Please note - these same rates will be offered to new cafes imminently. New customers will be offered a 60 day/half price trial period. This will not be available to pilot cafes as you have already benefited from 90 days/free.