All plans have a 60 day trial period. This gives time for you to complete the staff training and registration process, to receive your fleet and consumables and to get started. It also gives you a grace period in which to educate your end users. With commitment to the system from your whole team, it is likely that your uptake will reach 20%. At this magic point, and once you roll onto a full subscription, you will find that being part of the Again Again network will both have better environmental outcomes and be cost effective.

At any point during the 60 day trial period, if you feel that Again Again is not for you and your cafe after all, you can cancel your subscription with no penalty. We will credit you the bond/deposit value for all cups and lids that are returned to Again Again within 10 working days.

*Choose the plan that best suits the size of your cafe. You will need to self-assess this based on the average number of takeaway serves your cafe makes in a month. You may need to provide evidence of this to Again Again if we feel that your self assessment is smaller than the demand for cups would suggest.

Once you have chosen your subscription and we have received payment for this, you will be forwarded to a vendor registration form to capture the information we need to support getting Again Again up and running really successfully in your cafe. Before you start, please read the Info for Cafes to ensure that you are trading in a region supported by Again Again and will meet all criteria for inclusion.

Your cafe demand will be assessed and we will send you an invoice for the bonds on your initial fleet. This will need to be paid in full prior to dispatch.

If your registration is unable to be processed, you will receive a refund of all payments made.

**cost comparisons are based on your current disposable cup & lid costing 20c per serve.