Registration complete


We are super stoked to have you in the team. We are all #savingtheworldtogether!

So, this is what happens next…

In the next day or so, our customer service team will assess your registration and come back to you with a proposal, and invoices, for your ongoing CaaS subscription fees and your initial fleet and consumables. We require that you set up a direct debit for the subscription and that fleet invoices are settled before your starter kit and fleet are dispatched.

Once that is squared away it will only take a few days to get your cafe up and running. We will use our social media channels to introduce you to our network and the world-saving can begin.

Meanwhile, pop on over to the vendor area. It is password protected - your passcode will have been emailed to you in your registration confirmation. You can start looking at the standard operating procedure, where you will find help in setting up your POS system, and you can access the training videos and tools to get your staff behind the system.