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We are super excited that you want to look into your options in this reuse revolution!


Where are we at? Where are you at?

We’re at the start!

Discarding single use waste is at the forefront of the environmental conversation, and the coffee industry is up there with the bottled water industry in having these issues to address. 295,000,000 cups reach landfill each year, just in New Zealand!! Compostable cups move only fractionally (1/4 of a percent!) towards a scalable solution and increasingly our communities are looking to reuse as the answer.

Cup circulation systems like Again Again have started taking hold in various places around the world. There are a number of different models - some with tech, some without - some as individual cafe solutions, some as shared solutions. They each have their pros and cons.

Again Again has settled on a low-tech, quick-to-adopt, and easily scalable model of ‘Cup as a Service’ (CaaS), charging vendors a monthly service fee to use the Again Again fleet and to offer these cups to their customers. The deposit/return transaction is not a revenue stream to anyone in the system, but it incentivises customers to be responsible and return the cups to the system.

Cups can be returned to any participating vendor (making it as easy as possible for consumers to #choosetoreuse) and Again Again will manage cup redistribution around the system when needed. We firmly believe that a shared reuse system will work best as an omnipresent network, rather than a solution for a stand alone cafe.

As a wholesaler in the coffee industry, you are strongly positioned to make a huge impact in New Zealand’s environmental sustainability as you already have a network of many cafes who might join the Again Again shared system. As such, we value your involvement and invite you to work with us.

Just as we have designed brandable sleeves to facilitate Again Again as a commercial solution for cafes (protecting the marketing opportunity of a branded cup for cafes), so too are we designing the wholesale CaaS model. For distributors, we will be offering wholesale CaaS rates, and we can include in this negotiation your continued manufacturing and sale of the consumable sleeves.

We expect to confirm the retail and whole CaaS rates at the conclusion of Again Again’s Wellington pilot, early in 2019.

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