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For coffee vendors who are concerned about the unsustainable impact of providing disposable cups, Again Again is a cups-as-a-service system that eliminates single-use waste, protects customers’ desire for convenience, and retains the branding opportunities provided by disposable paper cups.

For vendors selling to increasingly conscious consumers, Again Again offers a risk-free, marketable opportunity to be part of the solution to cup waste. Additionally, for vendors who operate on tight margins, Again Again’s scheme is likely to cost you less than your current cost of disposable cups.


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Inclusion criteria

Your cafe will need to be in a region supported by Again Again. In order to reduce cup loss, Again Again will expand region by region - ensuring a web of cafes in each area that will give customers lots of access to return and reuse cups within the system.

Partner cafes must have capacity to sanitise utensils in line with NZ Food Safety Regulations 1974 and be licensed for this by your city or regional council. If you are only licensed to serve drinks in single use cups, you can't be in the team (yet - we are working on that for you though. Watch this space).


How it works

(*How it works from the customer's perspective)

We like to call it cups on-demand. We loan you as many cups as you need to have them on hand to offer your customers the opportunity to #choosetoreuse.

To keep everyone honest, there is a usage fee for the cups and lids. We will charge the cafe a usage fee and when a customer uses a cup, the cafe will on-charge them for that usage fee. The customer is now loaning the cup and lid from Again Again, (not you, the cafe), and on balance it has cost your cafe nothing - your cafe has paid the $3 fee to Again Again and received $3 back from the customer.

Whenever you need more cups and lids, or if they are building up and you need us to take them away (and pay you back for the corresponding fee) we will do just that. We will also take all the risk on the lost cups, and will take back all cups and lids to bring their end-of-usable-life journey to a responsible close.

We charge partner cafes a monthly network fee. There is a tiered subscription structure that scales with the volume of takeaway coffees that your cafe serves. If 20% of your customers use the system, the cost of this fee is likely to be less than you are currently paying for the single use cups that you would otherwise be purchasing.

View the Vendor Terms of Trade here.

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But, does it really work?

Yes! It’s crazygood!

In November/December 2018, we piloted the Again Again system in 14 high profile cafes in central Wellington, Newtown and Lyall Bay. In just the first two weeks, these cafes collectively saved 1500 cups from landfill!

In June 2019, the network has grown to 100 cafes across Wellington and Auckland. Collectively, we estimate that we divert 50,000 cups a month.

Cafe’s report uptake rates averaging around 20% - with some much much higher. The environmental benefit is clear. The cost savings to many of these cafes is staggering.

And people love it!

The unsolicited instagram-stories flying around show how ready our community is for a solution that works at scale, and how passionately they have embraced it. Several of our partner cafes have reported that brand new customers have actively come to seek out the Again Again system at their cafe.

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Again Again Serviced Regions

July 2019: We are now onboarding cafes in Wellington and Auckland. In October 2019, we have confirmed to open the Southern Lakes region, and it is likely that Christchurch will also come on board.

We are also in discussion with regional clusters of cafes in other regions which are being spearheaded by a community leader. We expect further New Zealand expansion to be rapid.

If your cafe lies outside these regions, please complete an Expression of Interest and we will contact you directly as soon as your region opens and is being serviced.


Getting set up

Once you have registered as an Again Again partner cafe, you will receive a kit of Again Again cafe collateral to install in your cafe.

This will include the following:

  • A5 Counter info and stand  - the How it Works graphic on the front (shown) and the Customer Terms of Use on the back. Alternatively, we can provide this in a laminated wall poster, A4 or A3

  • A transparent Again Again network sticker - for placing on door or window to identify your cafe as being in the Again Again network

  • Inclusion on the Again Again map that customers can access on their phones.

  • Your cups and heat sleeves, as per your initial order.

You will also be provided with a Standard Operating Procedure and access to an online training portal to support you and your team becoming flag fliers for zero waste practices in the coffee industry and to safely deliver the Again Again system to customers.

Again Again will use social media channels to welcome your cafe to the network and provide you with social marketing collateral for you to do the same.


Impact Forecast

If one average cafe pours half its takeaway coffees into an Again Again cup instead of a single use cup, this will divert about 20,000 cups from the landfill each year. Of course, this will vary a lot from cafe to cafe, but it’s fair to say that your cafe can be #partofthesolution. Come join us.