How it works



For coffee-drinkers who need on-the-go convenience, Again Again is a cup circulation system that eliminates single-use waste.

Unlike biodegradable single use cups - most of which are never recycled or composted - or personal reusable cups, which require forethought, Again Again designs out waste by providing a fleet of reusable steel cups available by deposit and return at any participating cafe, enabling coffee drinkers anywhere to save the planet with every convenient, guilt-free sip.

When you order your next cup of coffee, ask for an Again Again cup.  Your next coffee can save the world!



Deposit and refund

When you order a coffee in an Again Again cup, you will be charged a bond deposit. It's $2.50 for just a cup, and $3 for a cup and lid.

The cafe is not selling you this cup or lid. When you choose to use Again Again cups you agree to the Terms of Use and as such, agree to return them within two weeks.

When you return it, you will receive your full deposit right back. Easy. Cost neutral.


Returns Policy

Cafes will happily accept 12 or fewer cups at a time. If you are a super-slacker and have tonnes of them you may need to deal with Again Again HQ directly for a refund. 

Cafes won't accept your mouldy cups. Come on dude - no one should have to deal with someone else's mould. That's just not right.

Lids don't get loaned out on their own. If black lids are returned separately, we will refund only $0.20c. We recommend and incentivise that you keep them together. 

We will refund any cups and lids that have been damaged so that we can keep them out of landfill.

A refund will be offered in cash, and may be offered as a digital transaction if the cafe chooses. (Kids, this is your time to shine... and get more pocket money!)



All cafes in the system are certified as compliant with NZ Food Safety Regulations 1974. Just like they do with crockery when you drink in, the cafe that received back your cups and lids will clean and sterilize them. The Again Again fleet will be ready for reuse for the next customer. Yay - no waste.



Pilot will roll out in Wellington in late November 2018.

Terms of use

Full Terms of use are available in all participating cafes and here.