End User
Terms of Use

Terms of Use are available to download, or to view at all partner cafes.


All Again Again cups and black lids remain the property of Again Again Limited at all times.

Cups are loaned to End Users on payment of a bond/deposit. By using an Again Again cup the End User agrees to return it to the scheme within two weeks for a refund of your bond/deposit.  A bond/deposit is not a sale and does not incur GST. End Users remain bonded to Again Again Limited and not to a specific partner cafe.

Cups and lids can only be issued to End Users with drinks in them. They are not available for sale and will not be issued empty or in bulk. (An alternate licence for corporates may be available for this - please contact Again Again Limited directly.)


A refund will be available as cash and may be available as a digital transaction, if the partner cafe chooses to offer this.

Lids will not be loaned on their own. If black lids are returned separately, we will refund only $0.20c. We recommend that you keep them together.  Coloured lids are for sale only. These are personal - some people choose to carry and use their own so as not to share the lid. Refunds for coloured lids will not be given.

Participating vendors may choose to reject returned cups and lids that are mouldy. Please rinse first.

Participating vendors may choose to reject returns of over 12 (each), cups or lids. For bulk returns, please contact Again Again Limited directly.

Cups and lids are washed and sterilised by the partner cafe in accordance with New Zealand Food Hygiene Regulations 1974.

Paper heat sleeves must be used as drinks can be very hot. These paper sleeves are fully recyclable. Please ensure that these are included in the paper recycling collection at home or work, or directed to home or commercial compost facilities. Don’t throw them in a public or general waste bin.

We encourage you not to take a lid if you do not need one. The silicone lids are not recyclable in New Zealand. Sadly the only options for lids are either single-use or plastics. We have chosen to provide a lid which we feel facilitates the highest capacity for reuse. We continue to search for a better solution.

In the event that the cup/lids are not returned within two weeks, Again Again Limited may exercise discretion on accepting the cups/lids. If the cups/lids are not accepted for return, the loan shall be considered to be complete and an effective sale will have taken place. Again Again Limited will process GST on such a sale. A receipt for such will be issued if requested.

Reasonable maximum cup/lid usage is deemed to be 10 cups per week, unless evidence of greater end user use can be shown.